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Hydrous Matt Finish


Is a premium quality paint designed to repeal wide range of house hold stain such as tea,coffee,juice,ink,sauce,ketchup etc.Because of its ‘Stain Repellent’ has high resistance to the penetration of water borne stains.So stains don’t stick and can be easily removed without damaging the paint.Stain repellent property makes Wallmark Hydrous Matt Finish the best choice for bedrooms,walkways,living and dining rooms.

Packing Size: 16 liters
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Directions For Use
  • Stir well before use.
  • Application can be done by roller or brush
  • Dilution: 20-30% by volume with clean water for roller application
  • Do not dilute more than 40% with roller application. Over dilution will lead to loss ‘Stain Repellent’ property
  • Throughly stir the diluted paint before using .
  • Do not leave diluted paint unattended for more than one day.Paint infection can lead to foul smell/shade change if kept for longer period.
  • Clean up all equipment wit water immediately after use.
Safety,Health & Environmental Information
  • Keep out of reach of children and away from food and drink.
  • Do not swallow the paint.If swallowed seek medical advice immediately.
  • Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.
  • Do not breathe in vapor or sanding dust.Avoid contact with eyes and skin.When applying paint it is advisable to wear eye protection,In case of of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Wear protective clothing and mask while applying the paint.Use soap and water to clean the splashes from skin.
  • Do not discharge into drains or environment.
  • Does not contain any added Lead,Mercury,Chromium and Cadmium compounds.
  • Chemical Safety Data Sheet available on request.
Surface Preparation

Bare Masonry Bare masonry should be completely dry and free from dust,dirt and grease.Use a Bleach solution to treat the surface affected by fungus or algae.Repair cracks.uneven sufaces with Wallmark wall putty or any suitable filler. Smoother the putty/filler areas with sandpaper and dust off thoroughly. Allow all surfaces to dry completely prior to painting.Avoid painting when the moisture content and alkalinity of the walls is still high.

Previously Painted Surfaces.

Sound Surface
Remove unstable paint film ,loose Chalk by rubbing down using abrasive paper or wire brush and dust off, Primer with Wallmark Acrylic Wall Primer.
Fill the surface with Wallmark Acrylic Wall Putty if necessary.

Severely Defected Surfaces

Use sand and cement mixture to repair large cracks and holes and allow through drying.Prime with Wallmark Wall Primer.Fill with Wallmark Wall Putty,Scuff to make smooth and dust off throughly.

Application Data

Drying Time: Touch Dry; minimum 30 minutes. (Dependent on temperature and humidity)
Hard Dry: 2 Hour
Re-coating Interval: 2-3 Hours
Theoretical Coverage: 9-11 m² per liter per coat (May vary depending on the substrate conditions)
No of Coats: 2-3
For Optimum Results: Apply 1 coat of Wallmark Acrylic Wall Primer before applying Wallmark Aqua Matt Stainless.


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